pvc foam board

pvc foam sheet

Product Description: The chemical composition of the PVC Crust Foam Board is polyvinyl chloride. Features: waterproof, corrosion, fire, noise, decay, non-toxic, acid, alkali, insulation, washable Test methods: PVC Crust Foam Board surface color no color, no surface blemishes, significant depression, the ruler stand up surface, in close contact with a seamless, uniform thickness, porosity fine side, no thick holes, cracks PVC Crust Foam Board has a material light, corrosion resistance, high temperature, fire, sound insulation, heat insulation, sound absorption, fire-retardant, moisture, mold, shock, non-absorbent, drilled, sawed, planed, can be sticky, easy-to-heat forming, heat bending, or folding and processing characteristics. PVC Crust Foam Board bright surface, both hard and soft, durable, favored by users. Our "quality achievements of the brand, build our future" business philosophy and perfect after-sale service, win the trust of our customers, PVC Foam Board products are exported to South Asia, the Middle East, Western Europe, South America and 30 countries and regions. We look forward to your visit, and ready to provide you first-class products and services. PVC Crust Foam Board factory testing: 1.the plate is negative: smooth surface, no mechanical pattern (not obvious), no color, no stains, no pits, no, no hole marks 2.the sheet side edges: cut flat, fine pores, no, no foam, no bee holes, can not afford to powder, do not jump the mouth 3.plate thickness: caliper stand up board, access to seamless, left-right measurement, thickness uniformity (standard 0.2MM), uniform length and width (standard 2MM) 4.plate weight: length CM * CM * W = weight density of the thickness of MM * 5.the sheet density: weight / (length width CM * CM * Thickness MM) = density